Vision, Values & Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with compassionate care to improve their quality of life and promote their independence.

Our Vision

Our passionate and dedicated team at D&J Care services, aim to provide a full range of quality care. We will always produce high-quality specialised care whilst also focusing on exceptional customer satisfaction. We strive for constant employee excellence and encourage this through on-going training and support for staff.

Overall we understand the value compassion above all else and will ensure it is embedded into the core of our standards.

Our Values

  • Ensure we deliver services according to agreed outcomes
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Empower people to make informed choices
  • Act in an open, honest, and ethical manner
  • Be responsible and accountable for our actions
  • Promote professional development to enhance skill, expertise and leadership
  • Encourage and support innovation
  • Promote service users independence.